Guest House Rules

•      Pursuant to the Identity Disclosing Law No. 1774, additional article 1, guests shalli fill in the registration form in handwriting completely and correctly and deliver the form to the reception clerk while showing their ID (driving license, passport etc.) at check in. It is mandatory to return turnstile cards given in exchange for a valid ID at check out.

•      Visitors without permission and visitor card are not permitted to enter facility.Unregistered guests and visitors are not permitted to enter guest rooms and floors.Visitors shall leave identity to security entrance. 

•      It is strictly forbidden for our guests to enter other guest rooms.

•      Visitors are allowed until 23:00

•      Room inventory shall not be moved to outside the room.

•      Interference is forbidden except technical service personal, in case of failure or malfunction of room belongings or electricity, ventilation, water supply, heating,internet and fire alarm system.

•      The estimated coşt based on market price of broken, damaged or lost room inventories shall be charged to guest's account. 

•      Bringing or drinking alcoholic beverages is forbidden.

•      According to the law no. 4027, article 2/1b, smoking in all indoor areas is forbidden. 

•      Automatic fire alarm system is active in this facility. For this reason, using flammable material (cigarettes, candle, sparkler etc.) is forbidden in indoor areas. 

•      Extra heaters or cooking devices are not allowed to be used in rooms.

•      Foods and beverages should not be left out in rooms. (T hey might be kept in refrigerator)

•      Please do not listen music, sing and watch TV at loud volumes in facility to avoid noise disturbances. 

•      Please do not walk and stay in the public facility areas in inappropriate clothing, i.e.pyjamas, underwear, slipper, short etc.

•      Please inform the reception of any kind of your complaints and requests or leave your notes in request boxes.

•      Please hand over your key to reception each time you leave your room.

•      The latest time for entrance to guesthouse is 23:00. 




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